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The simple solution for anyone who lives in Israel or has Israeli assets

How EZwill™ works:

First Step

Choose the relevant option for you.

Based on your family structure and circumstances

First Step

Second Step

Answer Questions

Fill out the form, guided by tips to help you understand your options.

Second Step

Third Step

Review and Print

Once you complete the form, your Will is automatically generated and available for printing.

Third Step

Fourth Step

4. Sign with Witnesses

Follow the instructions to make your Will legally valid.

Fourth Step

Fifth Step

It’s that simple!

Store your Will safely and you are done.

Fifth Step

What does a Will on EZwill™ include?

  • Instructions for distribution of your assets (including scenarios such as one spouse passing away and both spouses pass away)
  • Choice of where your Will applies (in case you have a Will in another country that you want to remain valid)
  • If you have children under 18 – choosing guardians for your children and instructions for managing the assets until they grow up
  • For couples – an option for mutual wills 
  • Choosing your executor
  • Clear and precise details and language

Why we created EZwill™

If you live in or own any property in Israel, you probably need a Will. This is because the arrangement in Israeli law for someone who dies without a Will is not what most people would choose. When you leave this world, you want things to be as easy and smooth as possible for your loved ones. Having drawn up many dozens of Wills for her clients, Adv. Miriam Shatsky (an Israeli attorney who specializes in estate planning), identified the need for a simple and affordable solution. EZwill™ was created to offer you a simple, accessible, and affordable Will in Israel.

“I have so many questions before I get started”

That’s OK! Writing a Will is not something to be taken lightly, and you want to make sure you’re doing it correctly. Here at EZwill™, we are big believers in making informed decisions, so we provide you with a whole lot of information that will help you complete the process.

For starters, head on over to our FAQ page, for commonly asked questions. Then, for a deep dive into specific topics, head over to our Learning Center.


If you still have any unanswered questions, please share them with us and we would be happy to help.

Am Yisrael Chai

10% Off

With so many of us struggling right now, we’ve decided to make creating your will a little easier, with a temporary 10% discount site-wide.

How can I be sure EZwill™ is right for me?

EZwill™ aims to offer several options, all customizable, which would be suitable for most people in most situations.

However, we do not recommend using EZwill™ in any of the following situations:

  1. If you do not wish to include your spouse or any one of your children in your Will;
  2. If you believe there is a reasonable chance that your Will may be contested (i.e., that someone would object to it);
  3. If you and your spouse have significantly different wishes for each of your Wills;
  4. If you own many assets (real estate, corporations / businesses) in Israel or abroad and would require complex or delicate planning or require tax advice;
  5. If answering an online form and navigating the system on your own is too challenging for you. (NOTE: If other family members assist you in creating the Will, this may legally disqualify them from inheriting you).

In any of the above cases, we suggest you consult with an attorney  to come up with an appropriate personalized solution. You can email us at, or click below to schedule an introductory consultation.

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